Interior Car Care

Aircon Cleaner & Disinfectant

Highly effective 2 in 1 air-conditioning cleaning system to refresh and disinfect the air-conditioning system for healthier and cleaner air.
Description Benefits
  • Removes bad odour (eg. nicotine, sweat)
  • Long lasting effect
  • Eliminates germs and bacteria

  • Applicable and effective for passenger and commercial vehicles.

Direction Of Use
  • Remove cabin filter and locate aircon air suction inlet.
  • Run engine idle and close all windows.
  • Turn off A/C, turn on blower at maximum and turn on circulation mode.
  • Point aircon cleaner into air suction and press the trigger till the canister is completely empty.
  • For two air suction inlet, please apply 1 canister for each inlet.

Can also be used in
Hospital, clinic, surgery room, emergency room and etc.
House, playing room, sleeping room, kitchen and etc.
Public area, airport, restaurant, hotel and etc.
Pet shop, pet breeder, farm house and etc.


Wonder how DUCATUS Aircon Cleaner & Disinfectant works?
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